Community Development and Social Action

Recent Social Action

St. Stephen's Community House has a long history of community development dating back to 1974. Some of our more recent action includes:

Getting out the vote for people who are homeless or marginally-housed

Here's a short video that encourages some of the city's most vulnerable people to vote.

Joint Statement about Youth Violence after the 2012 Scarborough Shootings

The statement stresses the need for community-based solutions and was written with more than 20 other community-based organizations following the Scarborough shootings in the summer of 2012.

Toronto Neighbourhood Centres Community Development Renewal Initiative

The goal of this two-year initiative was to strengthen agency involvement in community development. Training was provided by the Building Movement Project. Building Movement works with social service agencies to help them become more active, engaged and effective as social change agents and facilitators with and for their clients.

Participation in campaigns, coalitions and networks

Some of these include Toronto Neighbourhood Centres, Toronto Drop-in Network and the 25 in 5 Network for Poverty Reduction.

Encouraging participants to speak out

Newcomers have presented deputations to City Council on housing needs and how to reduce poverty. A Youth Arcade participant made a successful deputation asking that the City's Community Service Partnership grant be increased. Seniors have written to their MP asking for money to fund community needs. Members of our Corner Drop-In have written letters to the Ontario Government stating why they need the Special Diet Allowance and started petitions to help save the Community Start Up and Maintenance Benefit and housing shelters. LINC students wrote the Ontario Government about the need for new affordable housing. Participants and staff presented deputations to the Toronto Budget Committee.