St. Stephen's Community House participants

Nham Kimh Van

Nham Kimh VanNham Kimh Van 

' upon day, joy upon joy...'*

*from the English translation of Pipa Xing.

Pipa Xing and Chang Hen Ge are the favourite poems of Mr. Nham Kimh Van. He could spend hours reciting them or playing the yehu, a traditional musical instrument from China. But that was before Mr. Van suffered a stroke.

The lingering physical effects weighed on his mind. Mr. Van became withdrawn, sitting in the kitchen the whole day listening to the radio. His wife looked after him the entire day. But with her encouragement, Mr. Van cautiously tried the Adult Day Program at our Seniors Activity Centre.

“Staff paid attention to every small detail and made me feel welcome, connected and relaxed. I felt better the first day after exercising. And they were so great at encouraging me to move, even asking me to get up and come to different tables during afternoon games. I know I move much better because of how much they care.”

Today, his wife and friends have seen a huge change. Mr. Van is energetic and eager to discuss the poetic merits of renowned 8th century Chinese poet, Bai Juyi, sample the different cuisines prepared at the Centre, and even practice Tai Chi. “Every day I look forward to the program. There are so many great things to do, great staff, and great friends.”

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