St. Stephen's Community House participants

Liane's Fund

Liane's Fund for Youth Opportunity

Invest in their dreams and they will rise to the occasion.

At St. Stephen's, we have seen them do just that.

Liane Regendanz

About Liane

For 30 years, Liane Regendanz made significant and lasting contributions to St. Stephen’s Community House, first as Manager of the Youth Employment Centre, and then as Executive Director. Liane ensured that programs provide life-changing opportunities, especially for the 1,500 at-risk youth we serve each year. Today, St. Stephen’s Youth Arcade model is so successful that it’s being replicated across Toronto. 

About the Fund

Liane's Fund for Youth Opportunity recognizes Liane’s legacy as a champion for at-risk youth. It provides them with access to programs that build self-confidence, promote leadership development and foster educational achievement and civic engagement.

Your donation provides the chance for over 20 youth to work each year as peer leaders in programs and special projects, an important first paying job that can have a transformative impact. Your support enables our peer leaders’ involvement in:

  • Anti-violence/bullying initiatives
  • Cyber defense against sexual luring/exploitation
  • Drug education workshops
  • Outdoor adventure based team-building and leadership

In their Words

“What really made St. Stephen’s special was the amazing staff who were great role models. The experiences helped give me, a kid from Kensington Market, the confidence to take on more challenges and the desire to make a difference.”

- Peter Firkola PhD, Professor, Hokkaido University, Japan    

“I had a rough past. …great staff helped me every step of the way, even with my university application process. Because of them, I received three scholarships. Being a peer leader was one of the best parts of my life!”

– Zuberi Attard, 2014 Lincoln M. Alexander Award winner, St. Stephen’s peer leader, current student at Carleton University