St. Stephen's Community House

John Kimball

John KimballJohn Kimball

Turning the corner

John Kimball had been on the streets for more than ten years after the breakup with his partner and loss of contact with his children. “I was heart-broken. Things just got out of control. Then I found the Corner Drop-in.”

For John, it was not just the food and shelter at the Corner that made a difference; it was the support and companionship he found with the staff and peers. They helped him see that he was not alone. And it was because of them he became one of the many dedicated volunteers at the Corner who prepare food, wash dishes, assist with reception duties and laundry and shower access.

“Serving the community makes me feel better. I see other people’s challenges and when I help them, I can resolve my own issues. The Corner kept me alive. I’m focused and stable ... and happy. I don’t know where I would be without it.”

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