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Nathan Costa

Noah BarcelosNathan Costa

Taking your shoes off is easy

Michael & Sammy Costa’s son Nathan has thrived in child care

"When we began to take Nathan to drop-in centres, we noticed he didn’t interact with other children and his attention span was short. At the age of two he was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

One of the drop-ins suggested we look at St. Stephen’s childcare to enrich Nathan’s learning. We felt so welcome and enrolled him immediately. Nathan took to it right away. Within a short time, the Early Childhood Educators had Nathan doing what we could not: sitting down for lunch and story-time, wearing and taking off his shoes and socks, and playing with other children.

The structure that we so long looked for has finally started and the goals we have for him are being met through St. Stephen’s and their staff, by their understanding of Nathan and the daily communication with us on his growth.

We’ve seen such positive changes in our son and are so grateful for finding St. Stephen’s and their staff at 91 Bellevue!”

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