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Tazia Lakkotrypis

Tazia Lakkotrypis

Good Fences Make Good Neighbours

When Tazia Lakkotrypis’ dispute with her neighbours George and Erin worsened over a communal fence, she called the city for help. Because no by-law was broken, the Municipal Licensing & Standards (MLS) office referred the case for mediation with our Conflict Resolution & Training team.

For MLS, the benefits of mediation referrals are simple: The city saves time and money by keeping cases out of the courts. And people like Tazia also benefit from reduced time and cost, while learning how to address problems in a long-lasting and more productive way. \

“I didn’t know how the mediation would go but we were lucky they matched us up with great mediators. At first, I met with them individually so they could understand my concerns, then we all met together. I was nervous because I felt outnumbered. But the mediator made sure to sit with me to make me feel comfortable. That meeting with all of us took about an hour and half, but we came to an agreement to share the cost and compromise on the fence construction.

I didn’t think we’d get to this point. We trust each other now. George even helps shovel the snow from my driveway and I just looked after their cats while they were away. We’re in a good place.”

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