St. Stephen's Community House participants

Zach Sutton

Zach SuttonZach Sutton

The road to recovery starts with a home

After a long day at work, some people like a cup of tea or glass of wine. Not so for Zach Sutton. His drink of choice? Rubbing alcohol.

“My case manager tried to get me into detox. I’d refuse, but it got where things had to change. I was living in a crack house, and in and out of jail and the hospital. That’s when I heard about Art Manuel House.”

Art Manuel House (AMH) offers individual rooms in a communal environment for ten people suffering from complex alcohol use. This program uses a harm reduction approach to help residents manage their alcohol consumption and take the first step to secure affordable housing.

Through AMH, Zach built some structure in his life. He joined the Voluntary Financial Trustee program to help him pay his bills and is looking to join the Corner Drop-in Employment program to find meaningful work.

“I’m not drunk all the time now and I quit the bad stuff - crack, rubbing alcohol, Listerine - thanks to the staff at St. Stephen’s. They’re really cool. They always welcome me and sit down and talk. They took the time to get to know me and see what I really needed.”

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