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Peer Program

Peer Training and Development

Our Peer Training and Development Program encourages people’s recovery from trauma and substance use through skill development and meaningful involvement.

Each year, 36 people are trained to learn more about harm reduction and how to support community members.The program includes:

  • An in-depth, 20 session training program with topics ranging from ethical issues and boundaries to restorative justice and relapse prevention. Each training session is two hours and is held two times per week.

  • Possible short-term (three to six hours per week) paid placement opportunities in a variety of settings from drop-ins to supportive housing

  • Ongoing, individualized support, weekly peer group debriefing, supervision and pre- and post-employment coaching

To join the Peer Training and Development Program, participants must:

  • Identify with having lived experience related to substance use
  • Meet one of the following criteria:
    • Access programs at St. Stephen’s Urban Health & Homelessness Services 
    • Be housed within the Addictions Supportive Housing (ASH) stream of the Access Point housing application 

For more information, please contact Michael at or 647-678-7032.