Conflict Resolution and Negotiation Skills

Conflict Resolution and Negotiation Skills

Conflict is inevitable when people come together to achieve a goal. The way in which it is handled will determine whether satisfactory outcomes are achieved and positive relationships developed. This practical workshop will provide an array of tools and techniques to enhance your competence in negotiating and resolving conflicts. You will promote a more positive workplace or organizational culture through effective management of conflicts with clients and colleagues. This will save precious time and reduce tension and stress in your workplace or community association.

  • Defining conflict and conflict resolution processes
  • Dynamics of conflict escalation
  • Power of acknowledgement of feelings, needs, and values
  • Clarifying issues and common ground for constructive dialogue
  • Raising concerns in ways that won’t lead to defensiveness
  • Use of principled negotiation to generate win-win solutions
Duration Price Dates
1 day workshop $ 300.00

November 29, 2019


Pay only $240 if you register by:

  • November 15, 2019 for the November 29, 2019 session

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