Delivering Effective Feedback as a Supervisor - NEW

Delivering Effective Feedback as a Supervisor - NEW!

This workshop is for supervisors or individuals who are required to provide feedback in a workplace setting. Having trouble providing feedback to staff or colleagues? Do you need strategies to improve staff growth and development? This workshop will show you how to use feedback as a coaching tool to enhance staff performance.

  • Confidently provide feedback to team members to encourage growth
  • Recognize the pros and cons of various methods of delivering feedback\
  • Ability to acknowledge another person’s feelings, values, and needs
  • Use feedback as a coaching tool for success
  • Construct a S.M.A.R.T agreement

Duration Price Dates
1 day workshop $ 300.00

September 12, 2018


Pay only $240 if you register by:

  • August 29, 2018, for the September 12, 2018 session

You can either register online or download our Workshop Registration Form.

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