Mediators and Trainers

Our experienced associates are from a wide variety of cultural backgrounds and speak multiple languages. They are a variety of ages, have different sexual orientations and identities, and come from many different professional backgrounds. This way we can offer you the best fit for your organization. 

Lyn Adamson

Lyn Adamson has been a mediator since 1985 working in a variety of settings including non-profit organizations, hostel and housing organizations, college and government settings. Modes of work include group facilitation, team-building and communication training for both front-line staff and managers, and multi-party and one-on-one mediation. Lyn is the past Coordinator of Training & Organization Services for our Conflict Resolution & Training team. She brings her experience as a board member, and staff member for numerous non-profit organizations to this work. Lyn is very experienced in guiding difficult conversations that help people heal from challenging conflicts. 

Peter Bruer

Peter Bruer spent the early part of his career in community advocacy work, in international development and the tenants' movement. He was first trained as a mediator in 1992, and in 1996 he was hired by the largest community mediation service in Canada, the Conflict Resolution & Training service at St. Stephen's Community House, where he is now Manager. He has conducted dozens of community and professional mediations, designed and taught workshops, and consulted on mediation systems design for a wide range of non-profit, private sector and government clients. He has spoken at conferences in Canada, the United States, Indonesia, and in Latin America, and published in a variety of journals and other media. 

Fiona Connelly

Fiona Connelly is an educator, mediator and trainer with an extensive background in international development and social justice. She has an M.Ed from OISE/UofT where she focused on adult education, women’s studies and community development. She also taught in George Brown’s community worker program. She completed St. Stephen’s intensive interpersonal mediation training in 2013, and then finished an internship in training and organizational services. She specializes in workplace and community mediation. Her commitment to social justice, equity and diversity motivates her interest in helping social justice organizations and activists resolve conflicts and work with greater clarity and unity. 

Shawn Conway

Shawn Conway is a mediator, facilitator, trainer, and bridge-builder. For 20 plus years Shawn has worked at the front line with a variety of marginalized people and as a senior manager and executive director. For more than a decade Shawn has been involved in community development and public-private partnerships. Shawn has trained with St. Stephen’s CRT for fifteen years.

Margaret Corion

Margaret Corion has a B.A. from Carleton University and M.A. from the University of Toronto. She has a background in Criminology. Margaret has been a mediator and trainer with St. Stephen's since 1995. She was trained here and at the Stitt Feld Handy Group in both their introductory and advanced mediation courses. She has mediated many community and workplace disputes, here and in her own work at the Ontario government. She has extensive training and experience in anti-oppression and diversity issues and has and led numerous professional workshops in mediation and conflict resolution skills for non-profit and government agencies.

Pamela Hudak

Pamela Hudak, Ph.D. is an Associate at the Conflict Resolution & Training service as well as at Principled Dispute Resolution & Consulting. She graduated with a Certificate in Dispute Resolution from York University and did an internship at CRT in 2011. Her primary interest is in the promotion of flourishing workplaces. She draws on her prior work in medical research and academia, particularly skills in qualitative and quantitative research methodologies, to inform her approach to workplaces and mediation.

Shaaron Jones-Crawford

Shaaron Jones-Crawford is an internationally trained and experienced Barrister with specialised expertise in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). Shaaron combines sound legal knowledge with a clear, succinct communication style. She takes the time to thoroughly understand all perspectives on any issue and provides a thoughtful, impartial process on a range of issues. As a Mediator and Arbitrator she is an experienced practitioner and works in civil, commercial, community and workplace disputes, as well as restorative justice. Shaaron understands the nuances involved in overcoming power imbalances to facilitate a fair resolution on complex issues, and has an extensive track record.

Claire Huang Kinsley

Claire Huang Kinsley has been a mediator with St Stephen's since 2003. She has helped resolve conflicts in a wide variety of workplace, community and family settings, and has trained hundreds of people in mediation or other conflict resolution skills. Claire is particularly interested in how interpersonal conflict resolution relates to issues of social justice, feminism, cultural diversity and anti-oppression work, and specifically in how this relationship plays itself out in the messy world of real life; having been a front-line worker in human services for over twenty years, she knows that theory is no substitute for practice when tempers start to flare! Claire also works at the Parkdale Community Information Centre and teaches Wen-Do Women's Self Defence.

Lisa LaBorde

Lisa LaBorde has a background in human rights and extensive experience working for community based organizations with mandates focused on social change. Lisa has been with St. Stephan's for over 10 years, initially as a community mediator and as an associate since 2010. She has considerable experience in workplace mediation and facilitation, conflict management, and mediation training. Lisa holds a law degree from Queen's University and also has an active practice in child protection law and family mediation.

Niki Landau

Niki Landau is trained in family mediation, community mediation, and alternative dispute resolution. She has been involved in family mediation from an early age, but soon diversified her experience to include team-building, training, and coaching on conflict resolution, communication skills, family mediation, screening for domestic violence, and diversity and communication. Niki has also travelled to the Middle East as part of a grassroots peacemaking initiative called the Compassionate Listening Project. Niki is a co-author of the new edition of the Family Mediation Handbook. She is also a theatre writer, actor, director and producer, and teaches theatre arts in several post-secondary settings.

Mike MacConnell

Mike MacConnell is an accredited family and community mediator, educator and the author of The Yoga of Divorce: A Mindful Route to Resolving Disputes. After graduating with a degree in World Religions Mike taught for ten years before founding a private high school (SOLA), which he co-operated from 1989-2010. In 2014 he entered private practice as a Family Mediator serving youth, couples and the elderly. His teaching career is now devoted to conflict resolution programs in GTA high schools and post-secondary institutions. He works for St. Stephen’s Community House Toronto as a conflict resolution trainer, coach and mediator. B.A. (Hons), B.Ed., Acc.FM, Q.Med.  

Jill Moriarty

Jill Moriarty has been with St. Stephen’s since 2010. She holds an MA in Conflict Analysis and Management from Royal Roads University and a certificate in Dispute Resolution from York University. In addition to her work as a mediator and trainer with St. Stephen’s, she has extensive experience within the fields of health regulation and the arts. Jill is particularly interested in the prevention of potential conflict through effective policy development and process design.

Robert Pidgeon

Robert Pidgeon is a conflict management professional providing third party neutral services and training to a wide variety of organizations. He is fundamentally committed to the goal of helping individuals and organizations deal with conflict in a constructive manner. Robert holds a Master's degree in conflict management and is an associate faculty member in the graduate program for conflict analysis and management at Royal Roads University. Robert has over 14 years experience working successfully with individuals, groups, and organizations in the areas of facilitation, team leadership, and conflict management.

Suzanne Sherkin

Suzanne Sherkin, Q.Med, is a Qualified Mediator, Certified Conflict Coach, and Training Specialist for workplaces around the country. Suzanne has been providing teams and leaders with effective communication and transformative thinking approaches for more than 20 years. The result for organizations that work with Suzanne: harmonious, productive environments where people work well together and have the skills to resolve differences. She rides a Harley to stay in touch with mindful, expressive living!

Shannon Thompson

Shannon Thompson is a passionate and engaging facilitator, trainer, mediator and coach. She is known for bringing fresh energy and a keen sensitivity to the needs of each group. For over ten years she has designed and led trainings, including team-building, communication skills, conflict resolution, and Personality Dimensions. Shannon trained in Interpersonal Mediation at St. Stephen's in 2012. She holds a BEd, CTI coaching certification and is a graduate of WCREC's Facilitator Training Program, Anti-Oppression Anti-Racism Model. She draws on her prior work as an Executive Director in the non-profit sector and as a journalist with the CBC.

Rick Wallace

Rick Wallace brings over 20 years of international and Canadian experience with specialized knowledge in conflict resolution, multi-party negotiation, international human rights law and indigenous peoples rights. He brings a unique and highly diverse set of experiences with a focus on creating consensus, developing skills and programming to negotiate difficult complex situations, and building new capacities and processes for transforming conflict into partnership. Rick has a PhD from the Department of Peace Studies at the University of Bradford in the UK. He holds a LLM in International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law from the University of Lund (Sweden), and obtained his Master of Arts (MA) in Adult Education from OISE at the University of Toronto.