Youth Services

Sons & Daughters Project

Map of a Youth's Heart

The Sons & Daughters Project used peer support circles to help young people (aged 14+) explore the realities and challenges of living with a parent or family member with an addiction. Sons & Daughters created a safe space to have honest, thoughtful conversations about this experience. Trained youth leaders used activities, art, and their lived experiences to lead discussions. Peer support circles occurred in schools, group homes and community centers across Toronto. 

Over the past 2 years, the Sons & Daughters project has served:

  • 379 participants
  • 11 high schools
  • 12 community centers and
  • 3 group homes 

During this time, front line workers, educators and school administrators have recognized the growing need for support in delivering quality programming that not only explores risk factors that contribute to substance misuse but also fosters the development of positive coping and resiliency strategies. With understanding the importance of creating safe and supportive spaces for youth people to navigate through their own experiences, our peer support model has allowed our frontline workers to disseminate information, resources and supports to some of Toronto’s priority neighborhoods.  

Take a look at some of the results and observations through our research.